New solid-state lighting makes lighting efficiency soar

Ocean Optics launched the SeaChangerNemo product, which has made a leap in the design efficiency of lighting equipment. This new high-intensity lighting device uses a solid-state, energy-efficient LIFI(R) plasma source to reduce energy costs and reduce power consumption and heat load. Nemo has been applied to all of SeaChanger's new color engines for all existing ETCSourceFour front-end lamps, and ETCFOV optics.
Nemo's LIFI(R) plasma source can use the usual 180 watts of power, while delivering 15,000 lumens of illumination - more than six times more efficient than comparable color engines, equivalent to 83 lumens per watt, while conventional incandescent fixtures are Tile 12 lumens. With a lifespan of more than 15,000 hours, Nemo lamps are ideal for installations such as domes, temples and patios where routine maintenance is difficult.

SeaChangerNemo is convectively cooled and completely muted (ie no cooling fan with noise), smooth color transitions and no glare. Dichroic filters provide higher transmission than transparent filters and other filter materials; their ability to withstand temperature and humidity changes ensures that the luminaires are as new as possible throughout their lifetime. Nemo is currently equipped with indoor lighting. Outdoor luminaires for landscape and open-air lighting will be launched later this year.
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