LED automotive lighting demand will grow steadily

As the growth rate of the mobile phone market slows down, the growth momentum of the LED market will turn into other applications such as notebook computer backlights, display billboards, and lighting. In terms of automotive lighting, LED long-term demand will grow steadily.

Due to the decline in LED prices and the increase in luminous efficiency, LEDs have evolved from in-vehicle lighting to third-hand lights, directional lights, and taillights. In 2008, they introduced headlights in premium vehicles. At present, the luminous efficiency of LED lamps has been higher than that of traditional car headlights widely used. On behalf of LED headlights, there is an opportunity to officially enter into commercialization, but the price is still high, so it will only be deployed in high-end models in the short term.

Of course, in the past two years, with the improvement of LED luminous efficiency and price drop, the product application range is also wider. Netbook has a large number of LEDs as backlights, and LED street lights and landscape lighting applications will continue to flourish.

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