Lighting business: support lighting company extension product line

The layout of the lighting leading enterprise products has changed, which will have no small impact on merchants across the country. It may change the distribution of business products or marketing strategies, and may also lead to changes in shipping, such problems are the manufacturers have to consider.

Product line extension = brand value improvement

In March of this year, after learning that Shanghai Yaming entered commercial lighting, Guizhou agent Li Yu immediately began to apply for agency of his products, and now he has obtained the agency.

In fact, Li Yu’s brand trust in Shanghai Yaming far exceeds the product itself.

Li Yu has represented the Yaming 1923 brand for several years. As the general manager of Guizhou Yuyuan Port Energy-saving Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., he believes that this is a good sign for the development of brand diversification, and he must seize the opportunity and make progress with the company.

I am very optimistic about this new change of Shanghai Yaming, this is the performance of brand development, I hope that manufacturers of commercial lighting products in the market can sell better. At the same time, we hope that manufacturers can provide detailed marketing solutions for distributors' development channels, which will make it easier for merchants to operate the market. Of course, it is more important for our dealers to invest and promote them in order to maximize the brand value. In an interview with reporters, he was very optimistic about the future market operations.

Li Yu also said that in order to adapt to this new change, it is not difficult to understand if the manufacturer needs to move to a new location, and the impact on future purchases will not be too great. Since this phenomenon is still in its infancy, the market has not shown any performance for the time being, but to promote the market, this year will prepare to open a new flagship store for new products, and also intends to recruit business elites to run the market.

There is a deep understanding of the changes in the company's product layout, as well as Song Shizhen, general manager of Shangshang Lighting from Dalian. He said: The reason why a company changes its product layout, I personally think that there are two situations. One is that the performance of a single store in the market is very poor, the customer can't make money, and wants to reinvigorate the market's glory through the changes in the product line; One is to transfer the product line or more accurately to extend the product line. This strategy is essentially an offensive strategy of the enterprise, that is, the market expansion strategy, the purpose is to expand market share and increase sales. Enables companies to grow faster.

Song Shizhen believes that before the product line is extended, the company considers what its purpose is, what kind of marketing objectives it wants to achieve, whether it meets the market strategy, and how to solve the changes after the extension, so the business does not have to have too many Worried about it. He believes that enterprises must also fully believe that agents have the ability to cope with changes in marketing strategies caused by product changes. Only by mutual trust can companies and agents quickly expand market share, increase sales, and ultimately achieve the desired goals.

New layout helps to improve the overall strength of the business

Wang Bin, general manager of Philips' Hefei Marine Lighting Appliances Co., Ltd., has always believed in Philips' brand strength. He has new ideas for Philips to enter home lighting products, and believes that this change will bring both companies and businesses an overall improvement in their overall strength.

He said: The changes in the layout of corporate products have a lot to do with corporate brands. For example, Philips, because of its high brand awareness in Anhui, so consumers are attracted to buy, which undoubtedly led to the brand effect, plus Philips sales network. Throughout the province, I believe that the expansion of the product line will make the brand stronger.

At present, Wang Bin has predicted that there may be some new marketing adjustments in the enterprise. They are now formulating high-end product promotion plans to guide consumers to introduce some light source knowledge and purchase guidelines and information to consumers.

Agent Wang Pujun, the agent of Op Lighting, is the general manager of Changzhou Mingdian Lighting Op Art Monopoly. Since I saw the continuous changes in the products of Op Lighting in recent years, I believe that it is a good thing to enter the LED.

The new changes in the product layout of the company have enhanced the comprehensive competitiveness of our dealers' brand management and greatly satisfied the one-stop shopping demand of customers. She pointed out that although the company has some adjustments after the product layout changes, the overall impact is small. The main reason is that the product has a high reputation, and the products are recognized by the consumers in the process of sales. The customers buy the products because of the brand. Therefore, the rich product line will inevitably bring about an increase in the comprehensive sales volume of enterprises and businesses.

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