Jinnuo: R&D success world-class new silicon core furnace

Luoyang Jinnuo Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the production, processing and equipment research and development of semiconductor materials. At the beginning of the company, the company mainly produces silicon crystal furnace cover, furnace, furnace bottom and other spare parts. At present, it has designed and produced Czochralski silicon single crystal furnace, high vacuum suspension zone molten silicon single crystal furnace and silicon core furnace. , phosphorus testing furnace, boron inspection furnace and other major categories of products.

Jinnuo Company, based on market demand and its own research and development strength, began to independently research and develop a single silicon core JN-FZ-400 silicon core furnace project in September 2007. In December 2008, Jinnuo completed This project, which fills the domestic gap and has world-leading standards. The new silicon core furnace is shaped as a single 5 JN-FZ-400-5 silicon core furnace.

The silicon core furnace breaks through the limitations of the traditional silicon core furnace, greatly reduces the unit labor cost, unit energy consumption and unit fixed assets investment, greatly improves the production efficiency of the silicon core, and greatly improves the domestic polysilicon. The competitiveness of production companies in the international market. The silicon core furnace developed by the company has a strong advantage. As the company expands its production scale and conducts large-scale production and sales, it will replace the traditional silicon core furnace.

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