Launching photography lights for still-life lighting Japanese Baoma (photo)

Projection lamp

Amateur photographers rarely have professional studios, but if you want an "amateur" camera, it's still easy to do. Recently, Japan's well-known photography accessories manufacturer, Puma, has launched a photographic desk lamp DLST-R1 that uses AC power and has a power of 24W. Designed for photographic lighting, this product uses a circular fluorescent tube. The advantage of this tube is that it emits soft light and the light covers a large area, making it ideal for still life photography.

MALMA photography light DLST-R1, very suitable for still life box photography lighting

If there is a small still life table at home, then this photographic desk lamp DLST-R1 will definitely come in handy, but its price is not cheap, about 15,750 yen, equivalent to about 1,200 yuan.
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