The latest lighting regulations of the EU have seriously affected China's lighting enterprises

Recently, the EU passed a energy efficiency requirement regulation, which stipulates that from 2009 to 2012, it will gradually eliminate high-energy-consumption lighting equipment such as incandescent lamps used in households, industrial sectors and public places from the market, and for halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps, towns. Lighting equipment such as flow devices have requirements for energy consumption, function, aesthetics, and hygiene. This move will have a serious impact on China's low-energy incandescent lamps exported to Europe, and relevant enterprises must actively respond.

The European Union's lighting design eco-design regulations show that energy efficiency and other requirements are increasingly becoming restrictions on the export of lamps. In order to adapt to the new situation, Zibo Inspection and Quarantine Department reminds enterprises:

First, in the product design and development should be integrated into the ecological concept, pay attention to energy efficiency requirements, follow the ecological design standards throughout the production process, improve the energy efficiency coefficient, and maximize the consumer's ecological design requirements for product functionality, aesthetics and so on.

The second is to adjust the product structure, improve the production process, achieve the overall performance improvement of its own product performance and technical content, and use technology innovation as the driving force to accelerate the development of energy-saving lamps with independent intellectual property rights, and actively participate in international technology with high-quality, environmentally friendly and stable products. Game.

The third is to maintain close communication and contact with relevant departments, and cooperate with relevant government departments to do a good job in collecting information on foreign technical barriers to trade. The government and enterprises have jointly crossed the high threshold of the lighting export market.

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