2009 environmental lighting products exports are expected to grow by 10%

According to a survey conducted by Global Sources, despite the impact of the global financial turmoil, the demand for green energy-saving and environmentally friendly products in the international market will drive China's lighting and electrical products industry to continue to grow.

Global Sources provides procurement information to global buyers on the one hand and integrated marketing services to suppliers on the other. The head of the lighting and electrical products procurement information, Naiguang, said: Since many countries have legislation to encourage the application of renewable energy and energy-saving devices, China's lighting and electrical products suppliers have not been hit by the slowdown in the export market.

Looking forward to 2009, China's lighting and electrical products suppliers are optimistic, most of them expect export sales to increase by more than 10%. District Naiguang analysis pointed out.

According to a survey by Global Sources, 81% of suppliers plan to reduce or maintain a stable product price due to the decline in the price of their spare parts and the price competition between their peers. As more suppliers are invested in environmentally friendly lighting and electrical products, buyers who are sourcing in China will be able to find more types of products at a lower price.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The latest increase in the name of the ranking

1 Wuhan Holdings 6.13 10.05%

2 Guiyan Platinum 21.33 10.01%

3 Ningbo Yunsheng 11.02 9.98%

4 Kaidi Power 8.68 6.77%

5 Conch Profile 8.49 6.39%

The latest decline in the name of the ranking

1 Luyang shares 19.47 -2.01%

2 Huaguang shares 15.50 -0.19%

3 Jiangsu Thorpe 7.26 -0.14%

4 *ST Jiangquan 4.01 0.50%

5 Siyuan Electric 19.35 0.73%

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