Looking back at the experience of China's lighting industry for 20 years

After years of exploration and practice, although there are still many problems, Chinese lighting companies have gradually adapted to the fierce market competition, and have accumulated certain experience in the production, circulation, sales and service of the entire product. These experiences are for domestic enterprises. Participating in market activities on a broader scale provides a valuable basis for developing more mature development strategies. China's lighting companies can only gain a foothold in the fierce market competition by continuously improving production technology and product quality, improving brand awareness and service, and striving to expand product awareness.

Since the reform and opening up, some Chinese lighting companies have developed from scratch, from weak to strong, and gradually explored a experience that can be used for the development of enterprises in the entire industry. These experiences are crucial for companies to improve their own operations, improve their competitiveness, and shorten the gap with enterprises in developed countries.

First, product quality is the lifeline of enterprise development. All along, China's more lighting companies are relying on the number of products to occupy the market in the low-end field, and the emphasis on product quality is obviously insufficient. With the gradual satisfaction of the basic market demand, consumers pay more and more attention to product quality. Individuals who neglect product quality face a crisis of survival, while those that have noticed and taken measures to improve product quality continue to expand market capacity. . To ensure the quality of products, the company must strictly guard the quality of each road, set up several quality inspection levels such as raw material inspection, semi-finished product inspection, finished product inspection, and final inspection. It adopts advanced inspection equipment and reasonable inspection methods to ensure that the products are from raw materials to finished products. Can achieve the highest quality requirements. In accordance with the relevant requirements of ISO certification, the company operates strictly in accordance with the standard quality system, and is constantly improving and perfecting, so that the company has been in a standardized operation.

Second, taking science and technology innovation as the mainstream and market demand as the guide, leading the new concept of lighting. With the increasing competition in the market, the real contest is reflected in the technological innovation. The company has unique new technologies, which can not only adapt to the changing market demand, but also expand into new market areas and become the leader of the lighting industry. . In recent years, some lighting companies have introduced advanced production and testing equipment through unremitting learning, taking technological innovation as the mainstream and market demand as the guide to produce high-quality, new-style products that meet the needs of consumers. In the increasingly competitive market environment, they have been leading the way, leading the trend of lighting.

Third, regard the dealer as the closest partner in the entire marketing system, and cooperate with the dealers to build a good brand. In recent years, some lighting companies have gradually changed their previous bad habits of not paying attention to dealers, and have taken strong measures in support of dealers, advertising, product development, brand establishment, and dealer market maintenance. They provide customers with market information, solutions to win the brand, help dealers to improve regional competitiveness, and help them become the leader in the local market. These successful marketing strategies ultimately achieve the result of win-win and sustainable operation of the producers and sellers, in the short term. Gained the greatest social and economic benefits. At present, the more formal enterprises in the lighting industry generally adopt three distributor systems, namely, exclusive agents in large regions, exclusive agents in small regions, and regional agents. These three systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, but relatively speaking, the exclusive agency system in large regions is easier to Dealers share the fruits of development and mobilize the enthusiasm of dealers.

The main marketing model of the lighting industry and its advantages and disadvantages

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