GLII released "2012 China LED Driver Power Industry Research Report"

As far as current technology is concerned, LED driver power is an indispensable part of LED application products and one of the main factors affecting the stability of LED application products. In the past few years, due to the immature LED driver power technology, a large number of LED street lights have died, which has seriously hindered the progress of LED promotion. However, from the development of the past two years, LED drive power technology has been greatly improved, and the LED dead light rate is decreasing year by year. The popularity of LED application products will gradually accelerate, which also brings opportunities to the LED driver power industry.

In the first quarter of 2012, the High-Tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII) lasted for three months, conducting field and telephone research on major LED driver power companies nationwide, and collected first-hand information on the LED driver power industry. Combined with the actual survey results of the national LED drive power companies, the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII) compiled the "2012 China LED Driver Power Industry Research Report", reporting on the market scale of LED drive power in the next few years and major domestic enterprises. Detailed analysis was carried out for reference by LED peers.

Data range description;
The data of this report is updated to December 2011. The data of this report mainly covers the mainland China, and the data of other regions of the world are involved in a small amount.

Copyright statement:
This report is copyrighted by the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GGLI) and may not be distributed to any third party.

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Directory <br>
Chapter 1 Overview of the Study Section 1 Definition of LED Driver Power Supply Section 2 Research Scope and Reporting Enterprises
Chapter II Analysis of China's LED Driver IC Market Section 1 Analysis of the Overall Situation of LED Driver IC Market Section 2 Analysis of China's LED Driver ICs Section 3 Analysis of China's LED Driver IC Business Model Section 4 China LED Driver IC Product Application Area Five-section LED driver IC market characteristics analysis Section VI China LED driver IC enterprise regional distribution Section VII China LED driver IC business directory
Chapter III Analysis of China's LED Driver Power Market Scale Section 1 China's LED Driver Power Market Scale Analysis in 2011 Section 2 2010-2015 China LED Driver Power Market Scale and Estimation Section III 2010-2015 LED Drivers for Various Applications Power Scale and Estimation Section 4: 2010-2015 Key Product LED Driver Power Market Size and Forecast
Chapter IV China's LED Driver Power Supply Market Supply and Demand Status and Change Reasons Section 1 Industry Supply and Demand Status Section 2 Industry Capacity Expansion Section 3 Capacity Capacity Analysis Section 4 Industry Profit Level Trends and Reasons for Changes
Chapter 5 Analysis of Market Share and Competitiveness of Key Enterprises in China's LED Driver Power Supply Market in 2011 Section 1 Comparative Analysis of Production Technology Capabilities Section II Comparative Analysis of R&D Capabilities and Innovation Capabilities Section III Market Share Ranking and Development Potential of Key Enterprises in 2011

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