Car DVR DVR principle

First, the application range of the car DVR

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In the current transportation industry, economic losses and credit losses are often caused by poor supervision. For example, the contradiction between the passengers and the passengers and the disputes sometimes occur; the sense of service of the passengers is not strong, and the inferiority directly affects the image of the company; the passengers take the passengers, collect money, collect money. Do not give votes and other behaviors to make the company's earnings greatly reduced. The installation of the vehicle-mounted closed-circuit surveillance video system can effectively monitor the situation inside the vehicle (the passengers and passengers), effectively control the behavior of corruption and public funds, and check whether the driver violates regulations and violates regulations. It can effectively improve service quality, enhance economic efficiency, enhance the competitiveness of road transportation, and create brand enterprises with high management level and service quality.

The emergence of a vicious incident of public safety of vehicles will seriously affect people's choice of the bus route. In particular, the long-distance bus travels for a long time, the distance is long, and there are more people on the upper and lower sides. Criminal behaviors occur from time to time. The vicious incidents such as theft, robbery, and arrogance of the roads are very influential. Criminals are guilty of crimes and it is not easy to find evidence. Persuasive evidence handling and mediation are quite tricky. The installation of the vehicle-mounted closed-circuit surveillance video system can deter the occurrence of illegal activities, ensure the personal and property safety of the passengers and passengers, and the video data can be used as evidence for criminals to assist in the investigation.

Specific applications are:

Bus, long-distance bus

Ticket monitoring during driving, and monitoring of personnel behavior;

Audiovisual evidence is saved in the event of passenger injury, theft, robbery, etc.

The audiovisual data is proved after the traffic accident.

police car

Video recording of police officers’ duty on duty is convenient for post-mortem analysis and proof;

Video recording of personnel, vehicles, etc. at the crime scene.

Logistics vehicle

Video surveillance of cargo loading, transportation and unloading process, anti-theft;

Money bank, fire truck, ambulance

Security and security monitoring, duty monitoring.

School bus, taxi, private car

Insurance claim proof, anti-theft, anti-grab.

Second, the working principle of the car DVR

Liyan Car DVR adopts embedded operating system, and its system is perfectly combined with the operating system of DVR. It directly calls the hardware, speeds up the reaction time, improves the running speed and reduces unnecessary extra functions.

Each part of the Liyan vehicle DVR is integrated on the main board. Unlike ordinary security surveillance video recorders, it has good adaptability to harsh environments such as low-frequency vibration and dust.

Liyan Car DVR has high anti-virus performance. Due to the use of professional software and hardware, the data stored in the chip is read-only, not writeable, and the software has very few accompanying functions, and the virus cannot be invaded.

To be a stable car DVR, in addition to a stable operating system, you must solve the following problems:

Stable wide voltage, unstable voltage on the car, fueling valve, battery aging and other operations will affect the voltage fluctuations on the car, the minimum can reach 6V, up to 70V. Car DVRs that do not have super-wide voltage can not work normally in the car. They often crash, do not record, and seriously burn the motherboard, power board, camera or even other equipment on the car. The Liyan Car DVR has done a lot of work on the power supply. The machine can work normally from 7V to 40V and has a stable 12V/4A voltage output for cameras and car displays.

Professional anti-shock treatment, the main focus of the car is low-frequency vibration, most of the cars are mainly 20HZ-40HZ vibration.

Poor anti-shock processing will cause problems such as crashing, restarting, not working, and losing video segments. Liyan Car DVR has done a very professional treatment on the shockproof, mainly from two aspects: First, the hard disk and the shockproof silicone pad of the whole machine are self-opening design, with anti-low frequency vibration, and the welding board is welded. Plug the cable, all cable connectors are locked. Second, the software, the independent research and development of vehicle DVR software has MPFS (multiple protected file system) file system and data high error correction.

Suitable for the structure of the machine on the car, the environment in the car is bad, heat dissipation, dustproof, waterproof, anti-folding, anti-pressure is a problem that must be considered. Car wash may allow water to enter other equipment on the car. Drivers, ticket sellers, passengers and other personnel may damage the machine, such as folding, smashing, pressing, etc., the recorder will generate a lot of heat, and a lot of dust will be generated on the car. These problems will affect. The normal operation of the vehicle DVR, if any of these problems are not handled and resolved well, will be an unqualified vehicle DVR. Liyan Car DVR has designed a car DVR chassis according to the actual situation of the car. The chassis is made of solid steel plate. After locking, there is no detachable wire on the exterior. The front and rear shutters are ventilated and waterproof. The internal car DVR casing is made of all-aluminum profiles. The whole machine adopts a vortex vent to function as a chimney pipe, and the aluminum plate on the main board is dust-proof and heat-dissipating.

Convenient management, a large number of vehicles, a large amount of video data per car, if you can not find and read quickly, it will cause a lot of personnel and time to manage. The video files of Liyan Car DVR are compatible with FAT32 format. The data can be read directly on the computer through the hard disk reader. The file name of the video data is named by date, time and license plate number. The license plate number, time, GPS information and Date, support CF card recording and data copy.

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