Use of rice cookers

1. Rice cookers should be placed in a stable, dry and ventilated place. And maintain the air gap around the body to maintain a good ventilation and cooling environment.

2. When cooking rice or soup, avoid using metal spoons without pulling out the power supply. Use plastic or wooden bamboo spoons for the sake of cooking. Before using, remove the power supply first. When you wash your liner, you must use a rag. If the liner sticks to the pan, it will be easy to wash after being immersed in water.

3, shell and electric heating plate avoid water, such as accidental water, should stop using, etc., and then continue to use completely dry.

4, rice cookers should not cook acid, alkali foods, should not be placed in a corrosive environment.

5. Do not connect the power plug of the rice cooker to the sub-power socket of the lamp or desk lamp. Because the wires of a general desk lamp are fine, the current carrying capacity is small, and it is easy to be aged or heat-dissolved. The power of the rice cooker is large and the current is also large, which will cause the lamp wire to heat, resulting in accidents such as electric shock and fire.

6, bogey bump. The rice cooker liner is easily deformed after being touched, and the bottom of the rice cooker is deformed and the hot plate cannot conform well. When the rice is cooked, it is heated unevenly and it is easy to cook raw rice. Therefore, use it with care.

7. When using the rice cooker, put the first food into the pot, close the cover and plug in the power plug. Before removing the rice cooker liner, unplug the power plug to ensure safety.

8. There should be no flammable or flammable materials in a certain range around the rice cooker, let alone liquefied petroleum gas cylinders; there must be a fixed power socket, and the line connection should be firm; when using a rice cooker to make soup and boiling water, someone should be required. Look; electric heating plate and the outer surface of the inner pot can not be stained with rice and other debris; use the pot to put positive, put down and then turn back, can not use ordinary aluminum pot instead of the inner pot 9, heating and heating time should not be too long. The rice cooker maintains only warm food in the state of holding the rice cooker, and still needs to consume a certain amount of electric energy. If it is kept in a warm state for a long time, it will easily lead to taste deterioration, and it will also increase the power consumption. Therefore, if the holding time exceeds 4 hours, it is better to immediately switch off the electricity, allow the food to cool naturally, and reheat it when it is consumed the next time.

10, should always check the power outlet and power cord is damaged, to prevent leakage accidents.

Attachment: Power saving tips for rice cookers - Rice cookers are electric appliances that consume large amounts of electricity. They are generally poured into rice and water, and they are pressed to let them jump off after they are cooked. In order to save energy, you may wish to use the following method: After boiling rice pot for about 4 - 5 minutes, gently lift the button with your finger (or unplug the power plug), disconnect the power, use the heat of the heating plate to dry the rice soup. Then press the button again and wait until the rice is cooked and quickly jump off automatically. After 10 to 15 minutes, it can be eaten in a pot. This will not only save energy but also make the rice soft and delicious.

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