Zhang Huazhu: At present, China’s nuclear power is still maintaining a strong development trend.

Zhang Huazhu, chairman of the China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, recently stated at the “2012 Weidmüller Nuclear Power Industry Electrical Applications Symposium” that although China’s nuclear power development has slowed down, it still maintains a relatively strong development trend and develops nuclear power. The demand will not change. The implementation of the “National Four Articles” has made significant progress and the development prospects are still very promising.

Zhang Huazhu pointed out that the suspension of project approval for a relatively long time has brought difficulties to some enterprises. Several projects that were allowed to carry out preliminary work in previous years have experienced a total suspension of on-site work; delays in the construction of units to be built have adversely affected the overall arrangement of the project; leading enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry have begun to appear idle in processing capacity, and their enthusiasm in late stage investment has been affected. Suppression and so on. Regarding whether China’s nuclear power in the industry will continue to develop in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, Zhang Huazhu believes that it cannot be said that these worries are totally worrying, but we should also see the overall status of nuclear power development in China.

The medium and long-term development is expected to be optimistic. “Despite the temporary impact of new project start-ups, China’s nuclear power is still strong, both in terms of the size of the nuclear power plant group under construction and the growth trend of nuclear power generation capacity, as well as from the perspectives of improvement in safeguard capabilities and technological R&D investment. Development trend." Zhang Hua Zhu said.

According to public information, during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, China approved a total of 35 nuclear power generating units for 10 nuclear power projects, with an approved scale of 37,200,000 kilowatts. At present, 4 sets have been built. The number of operating units in China has increased to 15 and the total installed capacity has reached 12.54 million kilowatts. There are 26 sets under construction. The scale under construction is 29.24 million kilowatts, and another 5 are to be built.

At present, the scale development during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period has entered a harvest period.

Data show that in 2011 China's nuclear power generation reached 87.4 billion kwh, which represented a year-on-year increase of 16.9%, accounting for 1.85% of the country's total electricity generation, and accounted for 3.47% of the global nuclear power generation. In contrast, the world’s nuclear power generation volume experienced a significant decline for the first time. Due to the successive shutdown of Japan's nuclear power plants and the closure of old nuclear power plants in Germany, the total generation of nuclear power in the world in 2011 was 2.52 trillion kWh, which was a decrease of 4.3% year-on-year, and the share of nuclear power in total power generation dropped to 11%.

Zhang Huazhu believes that with the completion of the construction of the generating units, the number of nuclear power generating units in operation in China will reach 41 at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” or later, and the total installed capacity will be approximately 42 million kilowatts, accounting for approximately one-tenth of the installed nuclear power capacity in the world. And there are tens of thousands of kilowatts of nuclear power projects under construction (depending on the number of start-ups in the years following the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”).

In addition, government agencies, the intellectual community, and industry believe that nuclear power plays an irreplaceable role in China's energy restructuring, climate change response, and energy security. Nuclear power is an indispensable part of China's new energy strategy.

“Based on the above understanding, we have every reason to make an optimistic enough expectation for the development prospects of China's nuclear power after the 12th Five-Year Plan, as well as the medium and long-term development,” said Zhang Huazhu.

Reopening of unprincipled obstacles The website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on June 15th the "Report on the National Comprehensive Inspection of Civil Nuclear Facilities Safety" (hereinafter referred to as the "Comprehensive Safety Inspection Report") and "Tranquil Safety and Radioactive Pollution Prevention and Control" Twelfth Five-Year Plan. "Planning and Vision for 2020" (hereinafter referred to as "nuclear safety planning") are two documents.

Zhang Huazhuo pointed out that the two documents were passed, and the government’s decision-making level has a clear conclusion on the status quo of China’s nuclear safety and the requirements for future safety development. It is a major progress in implementing the “State of the Four”. There is no principled obstacle to the restoration of new project approvals, so that the nuclear industry can see hope of returning to normal development.

It is understood that the conclusion of the comprehensive safety inspection report on China’s civilian nuclear facilities is “safe and secure”. The report also pointed out that China’s nuclear power plants still have some weak links in dealing with extreme natural disasters and severe accident prevention and mitigation capabilities. The National Nuclear Safety Administration and the National Energy Administration have formulated short-, medium-, and long-term plans to require and urge various nuclear power. The factory completed the corresponding improvement work on schedule.

“At present, these improvements are progressing smoothly. Some short-term projects have been completed and medium and long-term projects are being carried out according to plan. This will effectively enhance the ability of China’s nuclear power plants to respond to extreme external events and enhance the ability to prevent and mitigate serious accidents.” Zhang Huazhu introduced.

Regarding the nuclear safety plan, Zhang Huazhuo stated that the plan embodies the connotation of “efficiently developing nuclear power based on ensuring safety”, clarifies the requirements of the phased objectives, and plays a very important role in promoting the overall improvement of China’s nuclear safety level.

The public trust comes from how security can make the industry return to rational development as soon as possible and realize the restart of nuclear power as soon as possible.

Zhang Huazhuo pointed out that at present, the nuclear industry should pay special attention to “adhere to the scientific and rational nuclear safety concept” and create a good social media environment for the development of nuclear power. He believes that reshaping the nuclear power image and boosting public confidence in the community is the most important thing to say with "safety".

Regarding the safety of nuclear power itself, Zhang Huazhu said that in addition to improving the problems found in the security inspections one by one, they must also ensure the safe and stable operation of nuclear power plants, continue to maintain a good record of the safe operation of China's nuclear power, and make the public safe for nuclear power. More and more reassured; do a good job in the construction of nuclear power project quality, investment, progress and safety four major controls, especially quality control, promote the smooth construction of the unit under construction, lay the foundation for the long-term safe operation after the completion of production; take nuclear power construction The timing of mitigation will further nurture core competencies in the two weak links of independent innovation and key and key equipment manufacturing to accumulate strength for sustainable development.

In addition, Zhang Huazhu emphasized the importance of publicity for reshaping the nuclear power image and boosting public confidence.

He said that to carry out diversification of nuclear power and nuclear safety basic knowledge, we must pay more attention to and properly handle nuclear power public relations. Through the joint efforts of the government, enterprises, and industry associations, and combining the publication of the two documents, the publicity of nuclear power and public opinion guidance will be well done to eliminate the public’s misunderstanding of nuclear power risks.

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