New TV knowledge: naked eye 3D technology classification

"Naked eye 3D TV" is a combination of panel technology and engine technology that we currently have. The "naked-eye 3D TV" adopts "Integral Imaging" to display the contents of an image with a lenticular lens disposed in front of the liquid crystal panel. Through image processing, existing 2D images and 3D images (left-eye and right-eye Two parallaxes are converted to 9 parallax images. Today's mainstream 3D stereoscopic display technology still does not enable us to get rid of the shackles of special glasses, which makes its application range and the use of comfort are discounted.

Main naked eye 3D display technology Currently, the main naked eye 3D display technology is improved based on the following two technologies. One is parallax barrier technology and the other is lenticular technology.

A. The parallax barrier technology cinema is widely used in the screening of 3D movies. Parallax Barrier technology (it is also called parallax barrier or parallax barrier technology) is similar to the polarized glasses method, but one needs to pass through the glasses and the other does not. Parallax barrier technology was developed by engineers at Sharp's European laboratory after ten years of research. Its realization method is to use a switch liquid crystal screen, polarizing film and polymer liquid crystal layer, using liquid crystal layer and polarizing film to make a series of vertical stripes with a direction of 90°.

These stripes are several tens of micrometers wide, and through their light a vertical thin grating pattern is formed, called a "parallax barrier." This technology utilizes the parallax barrier placed between the backlight module and the LCD panel. In the stereoscopic display mode, when the image seen by the left eye is displayed on the LCD screen, the opaque stripes will block the right eye. Similarly, When the image that should be seen by the right eye is displayed on the liquid crystal screen, the opaque stripes block the left eye, and the viewer is allowed to see the 3D image by separating the visible screens of the left and right eyes. Defects: Since the backlight is blocked by the parallax barrier, the brightness is also reduced. It is difficult to see a high-brightness picture. In addition, the resolution also decreases inversely with the increase in the number of images displayed on the display at the same time, resulting in reduced resolution.

B. Another technique known as lenticular lenses, known as lenticular lenses, is also known as lenticular lenses or micro-pillar lenses. Its biggest advantage over parallax barrier technology is its brightness will not be affected, but the viewing angle will be slightly smaller. Its principle is to add a layer of lenticular lens in front of the liquid crystal display so that the image plane of the liquid crystal screen is located on the focal plane of the lens so that the pixels of the image below each lens lens are divided into several sub-pixels. Each sub-pixel can be projected in a different direction. Then the eyes look at the display from different angles and see different sub-pixels. However, the gap between pixels is also magnified, so it is not possible to simply superimpose the sub-pixels. Let the cylindrical lens and the column of pixels not be parallel, but at a certain angle. This allows each set of sub-pixels to repeatedly project the viewport, rather than projecting only one set of parallax images.

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