VR shooter "Go forward" developers settled in V Club

VR shooter "Courageous" developers settled in V Club from Baidu VR

The Downrour, developer of the VR shooting simulation game "Onward", was recently invited by Valve to work in their office, probably in the hope of getting help from Gabe Newell's military technologists.

"Courage Foresight" is a multi-person shooting VR game designed specifically for the VR platform of ultra-realistic military simulation multiplayer shooting game. Similar to MOBA games, this multiplayer VR game requires voice communication, teamwork, and shooting techniques to win the game. The sense of substitution of the game is strong, and postures such as 蹲 and 趴 are required to be completed by the player in real life, and when the player makes these corresponding actions while holding the gun, the accuracy of shooting is affected. In addition, in the game, the player often needs to find a hidden place to be able to seize the opportunity in the shooting competition.

In a recent Steam update, said: “The past few months have been amazing. Onward has grown a lot since August 30 and will make even greater progress in the coming year. I’m very grateful. Such a great community, and your patience."

“Today I have a major message to announce: V Club invited me to start Onward in their office from January, which means that Onward will have more progress in the future!”

Current updates and patching plans will continue, but now Downpour has been backed by V. Onward’s progress in favor of the light has impressed V.

If their customers review the game's comments, I wouldn't be surprised because there are only 75 negative reviews in 1048 reviews. Although limited to VR, the game is unlikely to have a large audience, but the direction of the game is right, even in the early stages.

The shooting experience and the simulation degree of the shooting game "Courage Foresight" are very good. The layout of the scene and the content of the game are also remarkable. However, because the game is too pursuing truth, the game will not be as fast as the shooting game, and may not be so playful.

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