UHD International Alliance promotes 4K certification

Although 4K television began to sweep the world, there are currently no specific standards, but this situation is about to end. Recently, UHDA, an international organization, said that the UHD Alliance will promote the 4K certification mark. Standards such as TVs and Blu-ray players will be available.

The UHD Alliance stated that in order to ensure that 4K ultra-clear playback devices can achieve better playback results, they will consider introducing a certification mark program. All certified products will receive the "ULTRA HD PREMIUM" logo issued by the UHD Alliance. It is understood that to obtain the logo is not a breeze. The UHD Alliance will evaluate various performance indicators of the product, including whether the resolution meets the 4K ultra-high definition standard, that is, whether it can reach 3840x2160 pixels. Whether to support HDR high dynamic range technology, whether the peak brightness can reach 1000 nits, and whether it can achieve 90% high color gamut and other picture performance.

According to the public disclosure of the UHD Alliance, there are already 30 different brands of 4K ultra high definition televisions that have passed the “ULTRA HD PREMIUM” logo certification, and this number is still increasing. In the next step, Blu-ray player manufacturers will be coordinated to allow more Blu-ray players to pass this certification.

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