Tell you how to add program sources in various live applications! ! !

The live source detection tool helps you to filter out the available live sources and export them directly after filtering!

[TV Home]
1. Create new notepad rename channel.txt Save as UTF-8 to display garbled

2. Copy the name of the station you need and the source inside with a comma.

3. Finally copy the channel.txt to the U disk root directory, run the TV home first, then insert the U disk on the line.

[Dragon's live broadcast] (custom is simpler, recommended)

1. Rename the source to tvlist.txt

2. Copy the tvlist.txt file to the root directory of the U disk, run Dragon Live, then insert the U disk to get!

[Taiwan Video]
1. Create a new txt file in the root directory of the U disk. The edited content is the channel name + space + url. (Note: Spaces can be replaced with commas, and there should be no spaces in the channel name and url)

2. After editing, save and change the suffix of the document to .tv (file name is optional);

3. U disk will be connected to android TV or set-top box, start Thai TV video TV version into the live, wait a few seconds until the custom channel can be loaded after playing;

[VST all polymerization]

Channel name + comma + link address, stored as a UTF8 encoded text file, tv.txt, with a comma in the middle.

There is a U disk, SD card root directory, plug in the machine, enter the live channel, press the menu or OK to call out the program list, switch to the custom.

[HDP broadcast]

1. Enter menu options and select "Import local source"

2, select the directory, where the sdcard directory is generally a machine built-in flash directory, u disk or mobile hard disk is the general name of sda.

3, select the program source files, now compatible with all mainstream DIY files on the market: .txt and .tv can be imported.

4, note that each import will overwrite the previous diy data.

5. After the import is complete, you will be asked if you want to encrypt it. If you leave a blank spot, or if you cancel it, you will not have a password.

6, after the import is complete, click the ok menu to see the corresponding list. If it is encrypted, it cannot be seen. You need to enter the password in the channel management to see it.

7. If you forget to set a password before, you can also enter a custom program from "Channel Management" to set a password.

The previous import method is still valid..

method one:

Through the u disk: Create a new text file in the root directory of the u disk, named mytv.txt in it by channel name - space - channel address - line feed - mode book

Insert the u disk into the set-top box and restart HDP Live to add the above content. A new category will be generated.

Method Two:
Edit the source of the program via "My TV" on the HD website. Start the HDP broadcast, press the "Menu" button, select "Set My Network Favorites" and enter your UID to add your diy channel.

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