Volkswagen photo shoot ancestor rotary camera

The ancestor of Volkswagen Photographs

After seeing many mediocre designs, you always want something different. Even if the Apple iPhone is beautiful, you will want to see something different. This is how young is personality. With the rapid development of social media, photographing has become a feature that users are extremely concerned about. The camera design of cameras and mobile phones has become an important topic. So what kind of camera design will be more convenient for us to take pictures?

Although the world’s first digital camera was recognized as being born in Kodak in 1975, in the field of consumer digital cameras, the real first product is the Casio QV-10. The Casio QV-10 was launched in 1995 and is equipped with a 250,000-pixel sensor with a photo resolution of 320×240 and no built-in flash. Casio's unprecedented price of 65,000 yen at the time allowed the public to realize that digital cameras can also be used as civilians, allowing digital cameras to become popular.

As a true civilian product, Casio QV-10 is equipped with a rotating camera in addition to the first time the LCD viewing display, in addition to shooting the scenery, but also back to the user self-timer, to do both. It can be said that the design of the rotating camera is the original essence of the mass-market photographic products.

Once brilliant

After the Casio QV-10, Sony, Nikon, Kodak, and even the top digital camera brand Contax, have all introduced rotary camera digital cameras. In modern times, a digital camera equipped with a rotary camera has become a symbol of “self-timer artifacts,” but it is also due to more sophisticated manufacturing processes that have increased the price of the product. Do not you see, Casio and Sony's self artifact, the price has already broken the horizon.

In the digital camera's biggest rival, camera phones, the early feature phones and some smart phones also provided rotary camera designs such as the Nokia N90 and Samsung D418. Just after entering the era of large-screen smart phones, the design of the rotating camera seems to have disappeared. Instead, the design of the front and rear cameras is very innovative.

Classic design reappears

The design of the front and rear cameras is not really smart, especially for some mobile phones with main camera, when they want to replace traditional digital cameras, they can actually go closer to the original nature of the opponent, such as rotating the lens design. The NPO launched by OPPO in 2013 is the first modern smartphone equipped with a rotary camera design.

OPPO N1's rotating camera design concept, in addition to rotating the self-timer, more is to facilitate the user to use the rotation for multi-angle shooting, which is very similar to the concept of a traditional digital camera. In 2014, OPPO introduced the OPPO N3, the first smartphone to use an electric rotary camera, even in the digital camera world.

The benefits of the electric rotary camera, in addition to the OPPO exclusive auto panorama function, its subtle 0.012 degree rotation shooting, it is able to maximize the use of multi-angle shooting, increase the fun of shooting.

to sum up

The first civilian digital camera Casio QV-10 uses a rotating camera design, the current best Android phone camera OPPO N3 camera also uses a rotating camera design, it can be said that rotating camera is the original nature of the public camera, this design can meet the user's Fundamental Needs - Self-timer and multi-angle shooting make it easier and more fun to take photos, making products more personal and giving users more freedom.

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