Japan's LED lighting shipments will reach 100% in 2020

Japan's official academics set the target for penetration of LED lighting shipments by 2020 to reach 100%, which will be higher than the global proportion of about 70%, while the penetration rate will reach 50%. In other words, a total of 945 million lamps in the Japanese lighting market will be replaced by LED lighting.

In Japan, one of the countries with the highest level of LED lighting development in the world today, although the annual growth rate of LED bulbs has been stagnant or even attenuated, the use of fluorescent lamps in the area is as high as 63.5%, and LED tube shipments are high. It will continue to grow. According to professional organizations, the LED lighting market in the region will reach 507.8 billion yen (about 4.5 billion US dollars) in 2015, and the annual growth rate will reach 13.2%, accounting for 79% of the overall lighting market. %, therefore, it is not difficult for LED lighting to achieve the annual shipping penetration rate of 100% in the next few years.

Since the penetration rate of the Japanese LED lighting market reached 70% in 2014, in the future, the lighting industry will not expand its market share by drastically reducing the price. Instead, it will expand the LED market by means of LED lighting technology, quality, and added value of products. .

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