UL AC Power Cord for Use in North American

  • Model NO.: 201F
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Plug Type: US Plug
  • Input Power: AC Power
  • Trademark: BYRON
  • Origin: China
  • Certification: CCC, UL cUL
  • Sheath Material: PVC
  • Insulating Materials: PVC
  • AWG: 14 AWG X 3 OFC
  • Specification: UL, RoHS
  • HS Code: 8544
    • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland), Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
    • type: ac power cord
    • seaport: Ningbo

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    UL AC Power Cord for Use in North American

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    Those White Through-hole Led was born for excellent lighting effects.

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    White Through-hole LED. It is the light produced by the blue color chip which is transformed by the special LED fluorescent powder. It does not have a fixed wavelength range and value, which meas White LED need the coordinate value of X, Y and color temperature to represent it. The difference of White Smd Led and the white Through-hole LED is the diversification of the angle, diffusivity and spotlight. In 18 years, we supply the white Through-hole LED with high efficiency, high luminance, low light attenuation has been recognized by our customers.

    1, Color is wide enough to suit every one's needs and taste: White Through-hole LED typical color temperature is 2000K warm Yellow Led, 2700K warm white LED, 3000K warm white LED, 4000K white LED, 5000K white LED, 6000K white LED, 7000K cold White LED, the maximum color temperature can reach above 50000K color temperature. White Through-hole LED  has been widely in the indoor lighting and outdoor lighting because of good heat dissipation, low light failure, high brightness.

    5mm white LED5mm white LED

    2, High color purity: We can supply White Through-hole LED with high index white LED (Ra> 80), common index white LED (Ra less than 80) and super high index white LED (Ra> 90) LED. Common index white LED used in conventional lighting or electronic components.  high index white LED used in lighting or fill light products. Remarkable LED lamp beads made of the product's realism will be greatly enhanced. The light produced by the High rendering index LED will make the things more vivid. We can also customize low SDCM (Color Tolerance Adjustment ) products to meet the high requirements of the customer.

    White LED

    3,  Colorful epoxy: Water clear, white diffused, pale white diffused.

    5mm white LEDwhite LED

    4, Variety of angle available: 5 degree through-hole LED, 20 degree through-hole LED, 30 degree through-hole LED, 40 degree through-hole LED, 45 degree through-hole LED, 60 degree through-hole LED, 90 degree through-hole LED, 120 degree through-hole LED, 140 degree through-hole LED ect.

    5,  Variety of shape/size available: We supply the white Smd Led , such as:  Round through-hole LED, Straw hat through-hole LED, flat top through-hole, Ellipse throuh-hole LED, 3mm Through-hole LED, 5mm Through-hole LED, 8mm Through-hole LED, Rectangle Through-hole LED(2*3*4 Through-hole LED), Square Through-hole LED and so on.

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    6, The length of pin: LED Lamp's pin can be 17mm, 29mm, 90 degrees bent feet, braided pin and so on. Tips: taping pins can operate on a robot, greatly improving the efficiency of manual plug-ins.

    White LED

    We will do the High temperature resistance testing and 10 hours ageing treatment before the product out off the factory, which can ensure the stability of each product. Our LED products have 5 year warranty. Please believe that we are the best supplier for your  light-emitting diode.

    White Through-hole Led

    White Through-Hole LED,3Mm White Through-Hole LED,Rectangular White Through-Hole LED,5mm White Through-Hole LED,5mm White LED,3mm White LED

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