9 tips to improve drone aerial photography

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Driving a drone is one of the most interesting things. It’s interesting to remotely control a small drone to fly around and accurately complete the instructions.

The social use of drones is becoming more widespread, and the social significance is becoming more important, far beyond the importance of general consumer drones.

For aspiring flying hands, improving flight technology is a long-term challenge. Landing, obstacle avoidance, flight safety, etc., all require considerable effort.

This article will introduce you to how to improve the driving skills of drones, including the choice of entry machine, flight speed, and how to improve the accuracy of landing.

1) Receiving training

Training is the most effective and reliable method. If you want to master your flight skills in the shortest possible time, it is best to ask the flying hands who have many years of driving experience to get tips from their rich driving experience, which will greatly speed up the learning process and only take one weekend to master. Good flying skills.

The training methods are diversified: you can ask the flying hands to teach on the spot, or you can choose an online course that covers all kinds of flight knowledge and skills.

2) Start with a small drone

What kind of drone should a novice use? Some people think that small drones are more difficult to control than high-end drones, and some people think that controlling small drones should not be a problem.

I support starting with a small plane first, but the reason is different from others. In my opinion, small airplanes cost less and are more economical. Even if it is damaged, the loss is not big. Buy a few hundred dollars of drones first, then consider hundreds of thousands of dollars of high-end machines!

Using a cheap drone to practice your hand, you can prevent the crash and you can try a slightly more expensive model.

3) Teaching video

Reading articles are sometimes too abstract, and instructional videos are more intuitive.

4) A little progress at a time

When you first started flying, you usually want to fly to the sky, try to surround and other difficult moves. In fact, it is more important to master the basic flight skills. Don't be too anxious, and increase the difficulty a little.

Start with basic flight operations such as take-off, straight-line flight, hovering, and landing, and gently push the joystick to adapt to the sensitivity and then bold operation. Then you can try yaw and roll, and then manipulate the roll and yaw to make the airplane circle. After practicing each action, try new challenges.

5) Set the landing target

Setting a landing target for yourself can improve the accuracy of your landing. Landing accuracy is a matter of great skill.

In the beginning, you should choose a wide open space, avoid people, animals and other obstacles, and then open the markers.

Take off from a marker, fly to the next place, then land as close as possible to the second marker, and repeat the process until you become proficient.

The next time you encounter a tricky landing, you won't be in a hurry.

6) Practice the surround of interest

The point of interest surrounds the drone around a certain point, surrounded by a certain radius. This type of operation is very practical. In professional aerial photography, customers often need to rotate a certain object, such as houses, buildings, and so on. Practice this technique and help you balance roll and yaw operations.

7) Try FPV flight

FPV refers to the “first-person perspective”, which gives users a first-person perspective and experiences immersive flight. Many professional flying hands borrow FPV perspectives to get their favorite photos while exercising flying skills.

When using the FPV viewing angle, remember to take care of both the airplane and the screen.

8) Buy a drone that suits your level

Some users like to buy very advanced drones. Be aware that driving skills include not only the operational technology of the aircraft, but also the understanding of aircraft components, functional models, and so on.

If the flying hand knows about the high-end drone, it may be very confusing when it is manipulated. When purchasing a drone, you should choose your own level to enhance your experience in driving, and it is easier to improve your flight skills and prepare for the use of high-end machines.

9) Practice more

To really improve your flying skills, diligent practice is the only way. Prepare a flight log for yourself and record each training session; then specialize in a few days to focus on improving a certain skill. Spend a few hours a week practicing and you will see results soon.

The most suitable is the best

There are no best ways to practice flying skills, only the one that works best for you. The speed of learning varies from person to person. Finding a method that suits you, and practicing hard, will definitely improve. Flying hands, how did you practice? Come and share with us.

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