Samsung game this mysterious Dragon Knight evaluation: Appearance rules cooling material solid

[Abstract] The first model of the entire system is equipped with a GTX 1050 graphics card, which is in direct confrontation with competitors of the same level. I think Samsung is still in urgent need of pushing a higher-end device that can carry GTX 1060 or even GTX 1070. Give players more choices.

The most dazzling top cover is sure to be the center's red glowing logo, which looks very eye-catching at a distance, not to mention the night. Some friends clearly told me that this can be any of this, except for the logo on the top cover is not satisfied. In addition to the Logo, the top cover is also designed with streamlined lines, making the top cover even more misplaced, reducing the monotonous sense of having only one logo.

Tencent Digital (Zhou Shuo) Above this year's CES, Samsung launched the first game of Odyssey. It must be said that Samsung's action is still very fast. Just less than a month later, this product has entered the domestic market in an all-round way, and it has logged onto the e-commerce platform. And Samsung's practice of entering the Chinese market in the form of a game for this new product has played a particularly localized name - Xuan Long Knight.

In fact, these are not my special concerns. Compared with other competitors, is it enough to attract users? What is the actual design experience and configuration performance? These are the parts that attracted me to explore.

Appearance: Appearance is very rude to reject the exaggerated "kill Matt" route

At the time of the release of this product, everyone had not seen the real machine yet. They just saw the photo, and many netizens had a passion for this product. The main reason is that it has a relatively regular appearance, which very well caters to the aesthetic of some low-key gamers. So, the game has to be made to kill Matt, not necessarily.

Some users who like this product will say that after watching the various game books that kill Matt, let's look at Odyssey with a fresh and simple beauty. Users who don't like the appearance of it feel no sense, especially the slightly dull Logo.

Samsung Black Dragon Knight uses black and white colors, yes, you read it right, white! Is there a white version of the game? This is very rare in the general game book, according to the official description is designed to better cater to a large number of female gamers. What we got this time was a relatively traditional black version.

Whole body black matte texture treatment, which makes Samsung black dragon version born with a cool low-key feeling. All plastic body does not seem to be a bad thing, many of the products that focus on cost-effective are designed like this, such as Hewlett-Packard's Shadow Elves 2 generations. However, for some metal control players, the plastic body may give them a feeling of preconception and lack of quality. I'm quite satisfied with the work of the shell, gap spacing, the feeling of the body surface feels good. As the first game book, at least in the product's work requirements, the dragon rider does not run to fool consumers.

The most dazzling top cover is sure to be the center's red glowing logo, which looks very eye-catching at a distance, not to mention the night. I asked some friends who were close to me and the answer they gave me was very interesting. Whether you think this is good-looking, or feel that the overall good-looking friends, in the face of Logo design will be very consistent that ugly, it does not seem that I just feel alone. In addition to the Logo, the top cover is also designed with streamlined lines, making the top cover even more misplaced, reducing the monotonous sense of having only one logo.

As a 15-inch game, the three-dimensional size of the body is 378×360×24mm, and the weight reaches 2kg (with an adapter weight of 2.5kg). This portability is generally good, except that the adapter weight reaches 0.5. Kg, back in the bag does not have a power adapter feels worse.

I think from the appearance point of view, the whole body uses a low-key and restrained design, in fact, from the appearance of abandoning some of the users like sci-fi design, this is not a problem in itself, if you can do most of the Logo and then expressive, certain Will give the product a better vision.

Details: Win Lock key is very interesting!

Turning the notebook around, the wide border around the screen gave me a bad first impression, especially the upper border. In the case of only one camera, without the Windows Hello component, there was a full 2.5 Cm wide. In addition the side 1.5cm, the bottom has even more than 3cm wide. The proportion of this screen is still less than the upcoming Samsung S8, design can only be considered quite satisfactory, after all, as a game, most products in this area are not too bad.

Samsung Xuan Dragon Knight screen is a 1080p full HD wide viewing angle screen, but the material is not IPS, the official did not mention the specific material of the screen in the detailed parameters, but from the actual display effect, this screen Basically, it is the same level as the mainstream mainstream 1080p-resolution game screen currently on the market. The overall color development is quite satisfactory, and the color is not the same kind of stunning visual impact that Samsung notebooks (such as NoteBook 9) brought to me. Resolution 1080p does not have 2K fineness, but relatively suitable to match this piece of GTX1050 graphics card will be more appropriate, otherwise there will be the problem of lack of power of the full resolution video card.

The C surface of the keyboard looks like a flat surface, but it is actually a slightly concave surface of the keyboard. The largest bright point of the entire C surface comes from the mirror decoration around the touchpad. Unlike previous notebook touchpad designs, the Samsung Dragon Rider Touchpad has a large diamond shape similar to the Logo shape. The rhombic shapes outside the trackpad use a glass mirror decoration, which visually makes the touchpad area independent of the C-plane as the center of vision. A circle of red light bars around the diamond echoes the top cover Logo and keyboard red backlight. However, many colleagues are disgusted with seeing this diamond design. I think it is still okay. Designing this thing is different.

The strength of the keyboard design is relatively short compared to previous games that I came across. The keystrokes are relatively short, and the intensity is relatively soft, especially the relatively large keys like the spacebar and the Shift key, especially the typing touch. It is more like a light and thin book, such as the MacBook Air/millet air. Now all games are in the left keyboard strength and key range upgrades, and even some high-end games add a mechanical keyboard to the fuselage, the use of this more biased civilian style keyboard is actually quite comfortable. When typing quickly, it is not easy to make mistakes, and the fluency is also very good.

In addition, there are several characteristics of the keyboard that have to be said, one is the WASD four games commonly used buttons, the surface of the spray design and other buttons are clearly separated, although it may not be practical, but it immediately gives A sense of the game book.

The other is the keyboard's functional area design is very hard, F10, F11 and Win Lock shortcuts I must give a big praise! Among them, Fn+F10 can quickly call out parameters monitoring window such as FPS frame number, CPU occupancy rate, GPU occupancy rate and temperature, which is a useful small function for some game players. The Fn + F11 can achieve fast recording of the game, although this function is the Win10 system's own features (Win + G), but arranged in the function area by shortcut keys, so that they are not very familiar with the details of Win10 The game player's immediate ability to capture the video of the game is indeed a smart move.

The last small function that I would like to introduce in particular is the Win key lock function. This key design is next to the F12 and does not share the keys with other functions. In this way, the game player can lock the Win key and completely eliminate errors when playing the game. Touch the embarrassing situation of the pop-up game. Small design and convenience, it is worthy of learning from the manufacturers of games for many years.

In terms of backlight, the machine uses a red backlight, which complements the top logo. Supports off, low brightness, medium brightness, and high brightness for a total of four levels of adjustment, which can basically meet the needs of use.

Below we talk about the interface, this machine is designed on the left side of a HDMI interface, a USB3.0 interface, an RJ-45 network interface, an audio input and output interfaces and power interfaces. The right side of the fuselage is designed with 2 USB2.0 ports, 1 SD card slot and 1 security keyhole. It seems that there is no particular difference from most game titles, but if you look closely you will find the problem.

First, as a new model to be launched in 2017, only one USB 3.0 interface is provided, which is definitely worthwhile. Second, whether it is two USB2.0 interfaces or one USB3.0 interface are all black interfaces, and there is no obvious identification around the interface indicates the interface is 2.0 or 3.0 in the end, which allows users to just use, when not Looking at online reviews or manuals, it is difficult to determine which is USB 3.0. Finally, this network port is equipped with a baffle, which needs to be handcuffed when it is inserted for use. However, the baffle's dampening sensation is really not good, and it's very hard to rebound. It feels like you're rubbing hard rubber. It's not like what kind of spring-like elasticity it conveys. These three points are probably where I am not satisfied with the interface for your reference.

For this machine, in fact, my best part is the bottom of it, the so-called dragon scale thermal design. So, at the end of the details section, we turn the machine to the bottom of the machine to see what exactly is the official advertised dragon scale thermal design.

First you will see a large area of ​​black and red, with the black part splaying diagonally outwards, with the obliquity of the black spurs looking far away, and the red metal plate does present a sci-fi fetish similar to the game. The feeling of scales. The official said that this design can greatly expand the cooling air intake window area and enhance the cooling effect. It's really heroic to open such a big window. But from the scientific point of view and my understanding, the air intake channel is not necessarily the bigger the better, because the air intake is sufficient, but the whole body inside the air duct can not be formed, the fan blower flow rate will be due to the opening of the expansion will be accordingly The decline. While a reasonable window size guarantees the air flow rate, the fan can also maintain a certain air flow rate. I think this should be a more reasonable design method. It is also the reason that manufacturers have reasonably controlled the air inlet size over the years, instead of the infinite expansion window. .

As far as I think the dragon scale cooling window may have ill-conceived suspicions, the magical scene has occurred. After quick disassembly with three screws, after opening the dragon scale heat dissipation window, the inside of the original is like this! Yes, you read it right. Don't look outside the window. There are still large and small sections inside, keeping the air flowing. So I'm actually a little unacceptable, the official focus on propaganda Dragonscale thermal design practices.

But let's get it in one yard, although we found through quick release that this so-called dragon scale design is probably a gimmick. However, if you remove the layer to the main board of your computer, you will find that the materials used in the heat sinking part of the Samsung Dragon Rider are still quite real. The CPU and GPU are unified into one area and cover a huge heat sink. Two width-wise cooling fins cross between the fins and the air outlet. The dual-fan design can remove heat more efficiently.

In addition, by dismantling, we found that the dual fans do not necessarily work at the same time, and the fans will be adjusted according to the power consumption and heat generation of the entire machine. Under low heat conditions, the dual fans will all stop working. Under moderate heat conditions, one of the fans will give priority to work. Only in the case of high heat, dual fans will work at the same time. This undoubtedly ensures the quality of heat dissipation while also taking care of the user's daily use of noise control. In practical terms, after playing GTA5 for half an hour, the heat and heat of the machine basically reached a balance. The core temperature of the GPU was only 58 degrees and the CPU core temperature reached 74 degrees. This time touched the machine by hand, the reaction on the surface of the fuselage only the keyboard position slightly warm feeling, the other parts are basically ice cold. However, this position of the keyboard in the upper left corner of the official WASD common game button position, is now only winter, if it is a long time to play games in the summer should still be more or less a little impact on the experience it.

Performance: telling the truth, GTX 1050 face the big game or virtual

This time we got the model using the i7-7700HQ quad-core eight-threaded standard pressure processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, 128GB SSD+1TB HDD combination and NVIDIA GTX 1050 alone. In addition to the i7 processor, this is basically a very mainstream game configuration.

Theoretically, performance is inherently the strength of the game. Although Samsung is in the game market, Yuen Long Knight is the first new work. But after all, the hardware specifications are given by the upstream vendor, as long as they are properly optimized, the configuration is basically a level. The performance test section focuses on three points: How does the new 7-generation Core i7 perform? Just what level of GTX1050 did you just launch? How does this combination of CPU+GPU play mainstream games? First take a look at the CPU.

Through the CENIBENCH R15 test, we saw a single-core score of 144cb and a multi-core score of 739cb. This score level is already very close to the level of the desktop of the Xeon E3-1230v5 (799cb) I had last year, for a game. It is fully able to meet user needs. Especially when doing some high-load work, good CPUs are very helpful to cut a video to render a picture.

In terms of storage, the Samsung Dragon Cavalier uses a 128GB SSD+1TB HDD hard disk combination. Among them, it is worth saying that the SSD adopts the PCIe interface, so its speed performance is much faster than the general SATA interface SSD. The maximum read speed can reach 1931.69MB/s, and the write rate can reach 809.86MB/s. This is a very good performance in the current game.

The game itself, the most important thing is to look at its ability to run the game, what exactly the performance of the new NVIDIA GTX 1050, can not competent mainstream mainstream games, on this issue, I think I say more useless, we directly run Look at the game.

Parameter settings: 1920 × 1080 resolution, in addition to "League of Legends" "Need for Speed ​​18" highest quality, the rest of the game is set as the default quality. The following "League of Legends" small test chopper walk:

League of Legends has no difficulty at all, 170-180 frames casually

"Need for Speed ​​18" is completely free of difficulty, lock frame 30 frames casually

Tomb Raider 9 has no pressure, and it is quite smooth at about 50 frames.

"GTA5" is a little under pressure, and most of the situations are smooth. In some scenarios, it can only maintain about 40 frames.

"Metro 2033" DX9 is not under pressure and it stays around 40-50 frames

"The Metro 2033" DX11 pressure is not small, most of the scenes are difficult to maintain 30 frames

Through testing, we have found that although the GTX 1050 is facing major mainstream games, especially games such as GTA5 and Metro 2033, which are relatively memory-intensive and graphics-capable, they can run smoothly, but like the Metro 2033 At the same level, the basic struggle has not been smooth and smooth. Well, if it is in the second half of 2016 or the new graphics killer game in 2017, it will surely be more difficult to play.

From the pricing point of view, Samsung Xuan Long Knight has a variety of configurations ranging from RMB 5,000 to RMB 7,500, but the graphics cards all use the GTX 1050 in a unified manner, and the price/performance ratio is relatively high among similar games. After all, other games at the same price point are almost like the GTX 1050.

Finally, when we talk about battery life, I chose to use one of the more mainstream methods we use everyday and watch online videos in the WiFi environment. The measured laptop began to use WiFi connection from 100%, continuously playing online 1080p video until the remaining 6% shutdown protection, life duration fixed in four hours to complete, can complete the whole finished watching two movies. This endurance performance is still satisfactory for a game book. Considering online video and WiFi connection, the relative power consumption is relatively large. If it is played locally, or if it is an office, the performance will be longer.

Summary: The appearance of controversy is a good cooling material

As the first product Samsung enters the game market, the performance of the Dragon Knight is still quite good. You can feel Samsung's expectations for this model from many aspects of design and detail design. The overall workmanship and materials of the product are all we can see. The ingenious heat dissipation design puts aside the shackles of design ideas of similar products and creates a "Dragonscale thermal design" which is quite interesting.

The biggest highlight of the product comes from the thermal design found after dismantling. It is very solid and the layout is reasonable. As a result, even on intense games that are relatively long, it is not even possible to feel what temperature is on the surface of the body.

However, in terms of design, Samsung did not take a route that everyone can accept, although white models may bring the attention of some female users. However, some unique designs including Logo and touchpad have been criticized by many people.

For the USB3.0 interface to grasp the number and USB2.0 and USB3.0 interfaces do not do a good job in two aspects, which may reflect the first game or the lack of some design and brand precipitation. Another obvious problem is the product layout. At present, the entire first line of this standard comes standard with the GTX 1050 graphics card, which has formed a positive confrontation with competitors of the same level, relying solely on the cost-effective route. After all, there are HP Shadow Elves 2 in me. Imagine that Samsung is in urgent need of pushing a higher-end product that can be equipped with a GTX 1060 or even a GTX 1070. This will give game players more space to choose from.

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