Which software does Xiaomi's box use to watch live TV?

Millet box experience is the first in the entire network, but it also has a shortcoming that is criticized, that is, its video content is very small, and now the latest version of the enhanced version of the millet box on demand resources have even adopted a fee system, but also let It does not make people use the millet box. It seems that they have to rely on third-party applications to solve the problem. Which box is better for watching TV broadcast? Here I recommend several easy-to-use millet box broadcast software.

TV home

TV TV version has a central video channel, local video channels, all HD live, clarity is much better than other live broadcast software, live broadcast than TV live about 2 minutes delay, channel switching is convenient. There are also other sites such as HD 1080P. Fully meet the needs of everyone watching TV!

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Tai Jie Video

The video interface of Tai Jie is very simple and clear. You can select the section you want to enter by pressing the left, right, and up arrow keys. One of the TV stations is what we call live TV, built-in 600 + live TV channels, including CCTV, TV stations across the country, of course, you can also add any custom channels, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas channels. Up and down keys to switch channels, left and right keys to switch the volume.

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Pudding video

Pudding video speed, TV source stability, playback using hardware acceleration; program source can be updated online, without the need to re-install new versions of the software; small size, low memory usage; support remote control; no advertising; no bad permissions. Optimize the operation experience of the program list to improve fluency; optimize the decoding function of the player; organize the source of the program and eliminate some sources of invalid programs.

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