Seoul Semiconductor wins patent infringement lawsuit against Japan Enplas in Taiwan

1. In the patent litigation, Enplas automatically revokes all patent applications and waives legal rights

2. Following the US, a lawsuit will be filed against European TV manufacturers using Enplas lenses

3. In 2013, Enplas suddenly raised its price twice and asked Seoul Semiconductor to pay a down payment. Since then, the two companies have started patent litigation.

Seoul Semiconductor, the world's leading LED manufacturer (representative director: Li Yuxun, ) said on July 7 that Japanese lens manufacturer Enplas' LED backlight lens patent was cancelled in Taiwan, and Seoul Semiconductor won a patent infringement case in Taiwan.

Seoul Semiconductor won all the patent infringement cases against Enplas in the United States, South Korea, and Europe. This time, it also won the case in Taiwan's patent invalidation lawsuit. In particular, Enplas automatically revokes all patent applications and waives legal rights. Such a result will have an impact on litigation decisions in other countries.

In 2009, Seoul Semiconductor commissioned Japan's Enplas to produce a backlight lens mold for TV. Seoul Semiconductor holds the original patent for the lens. However, Enplas produces its own lenses using the same technology as the Seoul Semiconductor patents and sells them directly to large companies. Since then, Enplas has restricted the trading volume with Seoul Semiconductor on the grounds of increased orders, and in 2013, without any warning, unilaterally announced a price increase of 2 times and requested a three-month deposit, within a week of the deadline. Payment will be discontinued. If the supply of the lens is cut off, it will have a huge impact on the customer's production line, and Seoul Semiconductor has paid the fee if it has no choice. Finally, Seoul Semiconductor had to give up the paid lens molds of Enplas and seek new manufacturers to re-manufacture. If it is not a competitive relationship, it will not file a lawsuit. Because of this, Seoul Semiconductor has started a patent infringement lawsuit with Enplas on a global scale.

On March 24, 2014, the jury of the Federal Court of Northern California in the United States ruled that Enplas was deliberately infringed and that the Seoul Semiconductor patents were all valid. According to the jury's verdict, Enplas may face up to $12 million in compensation and the risk of paying Seoul semiconductor attorneys' fees.

In 2015, it also won in the infringement lawsuit against North American home appliance companies, and reached an agreement on the patent royalties. In the future, Seoul Semiconductor will also file a patent royalty lawsuit for patent infringement against European TV manufacturers using Enplas lenses.

In addition, the US court ruled that Enplas' three core lens patents were all invalid; in South Korea, the Supreme Court finally decided that the Enplas patent was invalid; in Europe, the European Patent Office rejected the Enplas patent application after reviewing the technical information submitted by Seoul Semiconductor. At this point, Enplas patent registration has completely failed.

On January 26, 2015, Seoul Semiconductor also filed a patent invalidation lawsuit against Enplas in Taiwan. Enplas abandoned the confrontation in this patent war and voluntarily revoked all patent applications. In the end, Enplas' LED backlight patent was completely cancelled in Taiwan.

Liu Changwu, the semiconductor product research and development division of Seoul Semiconductor, said that Seoul Semiconductor respects the intellectual property rights of others and will continue to sue those infringements for the credibility of the company and the way to maintain business.

# Seoul Semiconductor Introduction

Seoul Semiconductor is a professional LED manufacturer, the fifth largest in the global LED industry. With more than 10,000 patents, from IT to lighting, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a full line of high quality LED products. 4 major independent innovation technologies include unpackaged LED (WICOP), the world's first R&D and successfully mass-produced AC and DC-driven “Acrich”, patented high-voltage LED “MJT multi-junction chip technology” and brighter than traditional LED 10 times "nPola" and top UV sterilization technology "Violeds", leading the global LED industry. At present, Seoul Semiconductor has established four legal entities in the United States, Europe, Japan and China, and has more than 50 overseas sales offices and 150 agents worldwide. As the world's leading LED supplier, Seoul Semiconductor has also been committed to a variety of talent development and development activities, such as CSR activities, scholarship programs, industry-university cooperation projects and educational planning projects to attract talent and give back to the community.

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