Box H16 how to install third-party applications

Box H16 how to install third-party applications, box world H16 how to install APK software, box world H16 how to install the sofa butler, how to install the sofa butler TV application market, a key download and install on-demand software such as APk?
Box H16 is installed on the sofa through the U disk . This tutorial is applicable to similar models such as Box H16 and Box H10.

Installation procedure introduction
1 Download the sofa butler installation file to the U disk → 2U disk is connected to the box H16 box → 3 installation package management into the U disk to install → 4 installation is complete

Operation method details
1, enter the sofa official website home page, download the sofa butler:, copy into the U disk, and then connect the U disk to the box world H16;

2, enter the box world H16 "application" option, open "file manager";

3, find the sofa butler installation file in the file manager → USB1 column, press OK;

4, determine the installation, the installation file APK will begin execution, please wait;

5, the installation is complete

After the completion of the sofa butler, you can quickly install a variety of video, music, game applications, sofa butler → TV must have many common applications, such as live broadcast can use HDP on demand pudding video.

If the installation fails, restart the box/TV and try again by following the steps.

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