Digi launches the industry's first fleet management telematics office with five different wireless technologies

Digi introduces the industry's first fleet management telematics equipment series with five different wireless technologies

-ConnectPort X5 series is Digi's first use of satellite technology acquired from the recently acquired MobiApps in its products
Minnetonka, Minnesota, October 12, 2009-Digi InternaTIonal (NASDAQ: DGII) today launched the ConnectPort X5 series of compact and rugged in-vehicle communicators with selectable satellite capabilities. This product series is the industry's first in-vehicle communication device series with cellular, satellite, global positioning system (GPS), Wi-Fi (wireless Internet access) and VAN (vehicle area network) wireless technologies in the same device. The highly cost-effective ConnectPort X5 series can provide remote connection to mobile assets through cellular or satellite networks, and uses satellite technology obtained from the recently acquired MobiApps, making it an ideal product for fleet management and asset tracking. "The ConnectPort X5 series with multiple functions is tailored to the needs of fleet management applications," said Larry Kraft, vice president of global sales and marketing at Digi InternaTIonal. The network goes to another network. Once the vehicle leaves the range of the cellular network, it can use satellites to stay connected. The highly flexible ConnectPort X5 series enables customers to more easily and efficiently monitor the health, performance and location of their remote assets and driving Operator / operator behavior. "

"Digi's wireless hardware and connectivity solutions make it easier for our fleet management customers to communicate with their mobile assets," said Tom Flies, senior vice president of product management at Digi's fleet management partner XATA CorporaTIon. "Digi's expertise in wireless hardware and connectivity solutions, combined with our industry-leading software and professional services, together create the industry's most advanced fleet management solution."

ConnectPort X5 in-vehicle communication device provides flexible wide area network connection, supporting cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, VAN and satellite functions. Cellular and satellite connections provide real-time, continuous communication, allowing companies to easily switch between networks. Wi-Fi transmits non-urgent / real-time information, such as logs, firmware upgrades, and large documents, through a low-cost private or public Wi-Fi network in a cost-effective manner. Wi-Fi can also be used in the vehicle itself or on adjacent vehicles, for network connections between Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as in-vehicle displays and handheld mobile devices. The vehicle GPS system can perform position tracking and "geographic defense". If the customer chooses the version with optional satellite function, ConnectPort X5 also has a dome cover, which can optimize RF performance and greatly simplify and reduce line connection and installation costs.

The ConnectPort X5 series uses Digi's industry-leading XBee 802.15.4 / ZigBee or single-to-multipoint 2.4 GHz radio technology to support vehicle area networks (VAN). Users can deploy a low-power sensor network in or around the vehicle to monitor tires, refrigeration units, door locks, temperature sensors, cargo sensors, RFID readers, and other important asset points. There is also a three-axis accelerometer in the device, which is used to monitor the movement of the vehicle and the behavior of the driver in the event of an accident. The product series also features advanced power management functions and support for Canbus, J1708 and J1939.

In addition, ConnectPort X5 customers can obtain iDigi wireless M2M solution packages, including managed software and necessary services to facilitate configuration and management of device deployment. The iDigi solution enables customers to quickly and easily obtain remote asset data, and convert the obtained information into actual values ​​through the iDigi platform. ConnectPort X5 series can be programmed in iDigi's application framework. In addition, Digi also provides customized hardware and software development services through its subsidiary Spectrum Design Services.

The ConnectPort X5 series includes the "brick" ConnectPort X5 and the dome / ceiling ConnectPort X5 Fleet. Both products are housed in a rugged IP67 housing and are SAE1455 certified. ConnectPort X5, ConnectPort X5 Fleet and ConnectPort X5 Fleet with satellite functions are already available. For more information, please log in at http: // CPX5.

Introduction to Digi InternaTIonal

Digi International helps customers realize the connection and security management of local or remote electronic devices through the network or the World Wide Web through the development of reliable products and solutions, making wireless M2M (machine-to-machine) communication easier. Digi provides products with excellent performance, flexibility and high quality, and has a global product marketing network, including distribution and agents around the world, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

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