The semiconductor market is full of vitality under the challenge

Driven by the revolution in science and technology, human society has initiated the process of industrialization revolution. This objectively promotes the further development of economic globalization and urbanization, and the rapid development of semiconductor technology will play an important role in meeting the challenges posed by these changes. Character.

The process of globalization has brought everyone closer to each other and this has placed greater demands on the future of communications electronics. With the transition from 3G to LTE technology, the requirements for reducing delays, increasing data rates, and system capacity have a large demand for everything from op amps to converters and even RF technologies and products. While the process of urbanization brings striking changes to the face of the city, the expansion of urban areas and the high density of population in the core region undoubtedly have brought tremendous pressure on urban transport.

In modern urban transport systems, the automation of rail transit, the positioning of expressway systems, and information communications are inextricably linked to semiconductor components and related solutions. With the increase in affluence and the accelerated aging of the population, people are paying more and more attention to their own health status, and have higher requirements on the sharpness of the medical detection equipment and the precision of the auxiliary surgical electronic equipment.

In addition, home and portable medical care will also become the main driving force for the growth of the Asian medical market, and MEMS and other high-performance semiconductor products and technologies will play an indispensable role in the application of medical electronics. Faced with the unavoidable environmental issue of global warming, the semiconductor industry not only adheres to the direction of low power consumption and high efficiency, and realizes more effective energy management of various types of electronic products. It is also committed to new energy sources such as wind power and solar energy. develop and use. This includes a large number of power management and inverter technologies including analog devices such as converters and sensors.

For semiconductor companies, if they want to gain the advantage of sustainable development under a broad market opportunity, in addition to seeking opportunities in the growth point of the recovery of the electronics market, it is necessary to adjust and maintain the company's 'elasticity'. The so-called flexibility is to use long-term, sustainable development perspective to see the problem. Adjusting the company's flexibility includes adjusting production efficiency and adjusting the elasticity of the supply chain, both inventory cycle and inventory days, to ensure the smooth flow of the supply pipeline.

Taking ADI as an example, we set up an R&D center by maintaining a high proportion of R&D investment, providing customers with LAB-tested laboratory circuits, providing humanized online and offline customer support and services, and better for engineers. They are designed to provide convenience, and to carry out university plans to cultivate innovative talents and other ways to maintain their own flexibility, and in order to better meet customer needs and meet industrial challenges. We believe that the semiconductor industry under challenge will finally usher in a warm spring.

Cascade Lights

1. Features: LED copper wire weeping willows light, like a willow branch of each tender long & the effect of natural down, every branch of weeping willow lamp can be open, branches with bubble, just have a vivid effect, a beautiful landscape painting, waterproof products, energy-saving features.

2. Specification: STeady /Flashing
1M 240Lights (216steady/24 flashing)
1.35M 300 Lights (270 steady/30 flashing)
Lights(576 steady/72 flashing)
LED Color: White warm, White, Amber, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Multicolor, RGB.
3. Usage: usage: can use, indoor & outdoor LED copper wire light string not only applied to Christmas lights (wrapped around the tree, for example) various festival holiday decoration, also used for household decoration (can be hung in the window, glass roof, on the corner...To achieve, the icing on the cake) and the city lighting project and various recreational venues, the park (the water effect of the waterfall), all the shopping malls can wait.

Cascade Lights

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